Italian doble baked cookie with almonds and cranberries
Pecan Polvoron
polvorones hechos con harina de pecanas
Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookie
vegan cookie made with coconut oil, apple sauce and dark chocolate chips
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
classic cookie wuth chunks of dark chocolate
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
spiced oatmeal cookie with raisins
Doble Chocolate Cookie
crunchy cookie made with premium cacao and dark chocolate
Peanut Butter 'Oreo'
large cacao cookie filled with thick peanut butter cream
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
brown butter cookie with toasted macadamias and white chocolate chips
Carrot Cake 'Twinkie'
carrot cake log filled with cream cheese frosting
Cinnamon Roll
fluffy, sofy milk bread filled with cinnamon and sugar topped with vanilla glaze
Pain au Chocolat
croissant relleno de chocolate oscuro
classic butter laminated pastry
Almond Croissant
twice-baked croissant filled with almond frangipane cream and toasted almonds
Turkey and Cheese Croissant Roll
croissant dough filles with roasted turkey breast and smoked gruyere
Pumpking Pastry Boat
croissant dough "boat" filled with cumin-roasted pumpkin, feta cheese
Chocolate Marquesa
Venezuelan dessert made with 'maria' cookies dipped in coffee stacked in between buttery chocolate cream
Chewy Ginger Cookie
chewy ginger cookie spiced with cloves and cinnamon

Bread & Retail

Brioche Loaf
Sandwich Loaf Bread
White square sandwich bread
4-pack of sweet mallorca rolls
housemade granolas with pecans, almonds, coconut, dried fruit sweetened with maple syrup and no additional processed sugar
Cafe Idilio
$16.00 - $19.00
8 oz. o 12 oz. de Cafe Idilio en granos o molido
Marmalade & Jam
house-made jams and marmalades made with local ingredients


Hot Chocolate
Topped with a home-made marshmallow
Carrot Orange Ginger Juice
Cafe Provençal
iced double espresso, lavender syrup, oat milk
Cafe Idolo
iced double espresso, orange syrup, oat milk
Fresh Fruit Juice
Cold Brew
Sparkling Water
Bottled Water